Picking the Perfect Concealer

Although picking the right concealer can be quite challenging, it is your secret weapon for covering everything from redness and hyperpigmentation to dark circles and acne. How do you match your skin's tone? Want to go a little lighter? How do you pick a brand or formulation? What happens if your concealer doesn't manage to hide everything entirely? 

Here’s the inside scoop on how to choose a concealer that is suitable for you and how to use it once you've found it. Here are some of our top tips and tricks for choosing the right concealer color for you:

Choose the Right Shade:

Choose the hue that best matches your skin tone by gliding your finger over a few inches around your jawline. Use a mirror to check your jawline in natural light by finding a window or going outside. To hide overly dark under-eye bags or to highlight features of the face, choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than the one you've chosen for the rest of your face. When contouring, go one to two shades darker.

Choose One with Coverage:

A full-coverage concealer is the greatest choice for you because any obstinate dark circles and flaws will likely require a lot of pigment. You can also decide to completely omit the concealer and simply apply foundation on days when you get enough of sleep and your skin seems clear.

Brightening Around Your Eyes:

If you are looking to brighten up around your eyes for a more awake, youthful look, you should try Bright Eye Concealer around your eyes and in the inner corners to make your eyes pop and look refreshed.

Get Rid of Those Dark Circles:

After eliminating darkness with a concealer, apply a light dusting of finishing powder to set it. Even if your under-eye circles aren't extremely dark, you will look more awake by using concealer to create an upside-down triangle under your eyes. 

Tone Down Redness:

If you have redness or rosacea, apply a color correcting concealer with a green undertone such as our Mint Concealer to your skin. Since green is the hue opposite of red on the color wheel, it will balance out ruddiness. 


If you have yellowish discoloration from a bruise or a birthmark, choose a Lavender Concealer color correcting concealer to even out your skin tone.

The Best Concealer Options:

Demure offers mineral concealers in four shades to give you options when picking the best color! Our concealer not only diminishes the look of your under eye circles but helps even out skin tone and shade areas to enhance contour. Each one of our contour colors is made with 100% pure crushed minerals from the earth, making them chemical free.

Pick out your favorite concealer color through the link here, and use these tips to help you enhance your overall makeup look by choosing the right concealer color for you!



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