Top Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving

Everyone has their own holiday customs, but this year, think about adding some spice with Thanksgiving makeup! Thanksgiving is a fantastic reason to go all out with color and sparkle, whether it's at Friendsgiving or when you're dining with the whole family. There are many Thanksgiving makeup ideas because everyone's concept of the holiday is a little different, but a nice place to start is with warm tones that resemble the changing leaves or are inspired by Thanksgiving mainstays like cranberry sauce and squash. 

Our favorite looks incorporate fall cosmetic trends like bold lips and kitten eyeliner, but we have options for every occasion and style. Here are some of our favorite thanksgiving makeup trends, and the makeup to go along with them!

1. Naturally Glowing

You can't go wrong with the fundamentals if you want a more casual look for your parties. To look selfie-ready, all you need is a hint of neutral eyeshadow, a flush of blush, and some fluffy lashes. Finish it up with a soft nude lipstick that you love. To achieve this glowing look, consider combining our Desert Sand eye color and a neutral blush to pull it all together!

2. Orange, Orange, Orange!

When it comes to fall fashion, you can’t go wrong with a bit of orange. Matching those gorgeous fall trees is sure to make you feel great. Choosing warm eyeshadows will not only enhance your Thanksgiving Day outfit, but it will make you feel festive as well. Consider using an eye color such as Apricot, Coral, Sienna, Copper or Amber to pull your festive makeup look together. 

3. Unique Eyeliner

Even your coziest autumn outfit looks better with graphic eyeliner in an autumn color that is a bright gold or orange. All of our eye colors can also be used wet. Just dab an eyeliner brush in a bit of water and mix it with your color choice to make a paste and ta-da, you have a wet eye line! Simply choose an eye color you want to use for your unique look!

4. Rose Blush

The simplest method to bring a look together is to use the same color on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. A gorgeous pink color also awakens your entire face. A pointed wing and glossy lips offer even more intensity if you want to go all out. However, one of the best ways to enhance your overall Thanksgiving Day look is to add a bit of rose blush. Not only will a color such as our Satin Rose bring color to your face, but it is bound to create an authentic autumn look as well.

It can be fun to spruce up your makeup routine around the holidays, and there is no better time to start than Thanksgiving!



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