Create your OWN BRAND of skin care or mineral makeup. Over 400 SKUs in our line to choose from including body care, facial care, anti-aging serums and more.

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Whether you are a specialty store, health food store, spa, salon, or want to launch your own cosmetic or skin care line, we can offer great options, low minimums and great wholesale prices. We offer all of our products under Private Label, and are proud to source the best ingredients possible.

Our manufacturing facilities are in Clearwater, Florida, USA, and within the same building we have our fulfillment center, so orders can be shipped rapidly. We offer quality and botanical-based formulas, if you are looking for quality above and beyond the rest.

Our friendly staff are ready to meet your needs, from retail-ready products, to private label products or bulk quantities. Delúvia Mineral Skin Care & Cosmetics specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality skin care and cosmetic products created from the minerals of the Dead Sea, premium Aloe Vera, plant extracts, etc.

All our products are made in the United States (with the exception of the Dead Sea minerals), and our products are manufactured and packaged at our corporate location in our manufacturing warehouse in Clearwater, Florida.

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Private Label and Wholesale Questions:

Q: Is there a minimum order? How hard is it to get my private label going?
A: You can get started private labeling for as little as $300 and you can order pretty much all of the items you see on our website. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step checklist that makes it easy for you to launch your products. We will help you with all the details along the way.

Q: How do I get the packaging (jars, bottles, lids, etc.)? Do you handle that?
A: Yes. Typically you will private label your product in the packaging that we currently use and this is included in the private label price. If you want to break out of the box and get into custom packaging, we can go that route too, and you can supply us with the packaging you want filled (higher minimums on just filling).

Q: How do I choose the products I want to private label?
A: We offer all of our existing product formulas under Private Label, and are proud to source the best ingredients possible. We'll discuss what you want to achieve with your brand and suggest the products you might want to launch with.

Q: What about product labels for my brand? How does that work?
A: We will certainly coordinate with you on the labels and walk you through this process. Your labels can be handled one of two ways. We can either print your labels in-house for you or coordinate with a label printing company. We’ll start by discussing your specific needs and then determine which system will work best for you.

Q: Can I send my own jars/containers/labels to you and you finish filling the product for me?
A: Yes we provide filling services and have numerous clients we do this for. There is a higher minimum order for filling services (100 units).

Q: I am doing an Amazon FBA business. Can you print the barcodes for me that Amazon requires and ship to Amazon FBA for me directly?
A: Yes. After you have your account set up in Amazon, you can download a pdf of your bar codes and we can print and apply the barcodes to your products and ship directly to Amazon for you. You will simply email us the shipping label that Amazon generates for you and we’ll take care of the rest!

Q: Can you manufacture large orders?
A: Yes, we have a large manufacturing warehouse facility and can expand to accommodate your needs.

Q: Do you formulate custom products?
A:  At this time we are not doing custom formulations, with the exception of adding essential oils or scents to our base formulations. We have a limited selection of scents available. If you have a specific scent you want, you can supply us with the scent to add to your product(s). Please note that products where a scent is added, the minimum per SKU increases to 100 units.

Q: I want to do my own manufacturing and just want to buy some of the raw materials from your line in bulk. Do you also sell that way?
A: Yes, under some circumstances we provide this service to qualified, high-volume customers.

Q: How do I get started?
A: The best way is to call our Private Label department (1-877-335-8842) and we can discuss our various products and narrow down the best fit for you. Then you can decide which products you would like to start your brand with, then we can get an order rolling for you!

Q: How long does it take?
A: Once the label design step is completed and approved by you, your products will be ready in two weeks. 


Learn how to get started with our Wholesale and Private label programs by calling us at (877) 335-8842 or by filling out the form below: