Halloween Makeup and Skincare

It’s officially a spooky season and you know what that means! Halloween is right around the corner and there is no time to waste. Not only do you need to go out and get an adorable costume, but you most certainly need makeup to match. Whether you are going out to a party, trick or treating, or hitting a club, having makeup that is Halloween themed or matches your costume is part of the fun. You will also want to invest in some great skincare products to help you get all that amazing Halloween makeup off after the event. 

Check out some of our top tips and tricks for picking out your Halloween makeup and skincare products:

  • Picking the Right Colors
  • Colorful makeup is a key feature that should be added to any good Halloween costume. Whether you are going as your favorite TV character, or a witch, cat, or pirate, the right colors can make or break the costume. You will want colors that match your costume and are bright and elaborate. As an added bonus, all of our mineral colors can be mixed with a bit of water to make them easy to paint on your face! Some of our top picks from our mineral eye color pallet include Gold Sparkle, Teal, Coral Shimmer, Sienna, Emerald Green, Hot Pink, Violet, Mermaid, Moss, and Black Liner. These are some of the brightest colors we have and will surely go well with any costume you pick!

  • Lip Liner and Lipstick Necessities
  • Let’s be real, lip liner and lipstick are both necessities. With any good costume comes great makeup. Lipstick and lip liner are a go-to when it comes to spicing up your costume. When choosing the right shade for you, consider going with a color that matches, or compliments, your face makeup. Another direction you could go is picking a bright shade that is sure to stand out. Our classic Lady in Red is the perfect red for Halloween! We also recommend checking out Hazelnut, Deep Wine, Salmon Rose, and Black Cherry from our Lipstick collection. Not only will these colors help your costume pop, but they will look great as well. 

  • Mascara is a Must
  • Mascara is the last key makeup feature that makes or breaks a costume. We offer three types of mascara that make your lashes long, lush, and thick. Consider the High Definition Black mascara for the best Halloween look.

  • Rejuvenate and Replenish 
  • The final tip we have for you before you head out on Halloween is to get that makeup off once you come home. Once you get home wash your face with a good cleanser, like our Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser along with warm water and slowly wash the makeup from your face. Don’t forget to put on our Hydraskin Facial Serum once you’ve finished washing your face. This will help replenish and freshen up your skin, making it healthier and happier for the next time you wear makeup!



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