21 Years Young – The Deluvia Story
The Deluvia story began with an introverted little teenager (me) who at 15 developed a bad case of psoriasis. Developing this at such a young age was very tricky. I don’t wish it upon anyone at any time but man, as a teenager it really sucked! While I had it all over my body, I had it on my elbows and knees leaving me in pain and making it visible.
I was trying to “fit in,” as well as pursue basketball, but this skin condition made it so challenging. I felt ugly and gross at a time in my life where being pretty was so very important. Because of this issue I never pursued what I truly loved. I ended up quitting basketball and turned to drugs and partying instead. My dream of being in the WNBA was crushed and soon after I ended up leaving school. I’m not proud of that part of my life but I promise there is a happy ending to this story.
Fast forward a few years. I am married, we have a baby boy and my husband, and I are selling various products at tradeshows. I still have psoriasis - bad. One day we came across a booth where these ladies were selling volcanic mud and we learned it’s supposed to heal all sorts of things including skin issues. Of course, I bought it! I had tried so many products by this time. The volcanic mud certainly did not heal my psoriasis but gave me hope that something was out there besides steroid creams which would sometimes make it worse.
I started doing a lot of research on alternative methods that could help and learned about the Dead Sea and how the water and mud are so mineral rich that people travel there from all over the world to experience these healing waters. I wanted to try this, and I wanted to help others be able to experience this! At this point I knew I wanted to create my own skincare line. Thank you volcanic mud girls!
In Sept 2001 we started our skincare company. We wanted to create a brand that was high quality, and that actually worked for an affordable price. Our very first product was Dead Sea Mud. The mud worked great for my skin and so we continued to develop the skincare line. We now have over 25 products as part of our skin care line including the famous Miracle Aloe Cream!
In 2005, we added our mineral cosmetics line called Demure. I wanted to wear makeup that wasn’t full of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and that didn’t irritate my skin. I’m in love with our cosmetics line to this day. It has such great coverage, it’s not heavy, stays on all day, even after a workout and most of the products are 100% minerals!
It’s Sept 2022 and Deluvia Inc is 21 years young! My husband (CEO of
Deluvia) and myself have been married 26 years, have 2 beautiful boys, and guess what, I no longer have psoriasis! I have learned through a lot of research that it’s not just what we put on our skin that causes skin problems. It is very important, but other factors are involved. For me, what worked is great skincare, a healthy low carb, high protein, high fat diet, exercise and quality vitamins and minerals. I’m also a strong believer in being positive and living life to the fullest!
Cheers to 21 years!!!

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  • Mary M On

    Stress is a great driver of psoriasis.

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