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Mineral Face & Body Bronzer 2g


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Face and Body Bronzer is for all skin types for a healthy, tanned shimmer.

  • Made with  minerals from the earth
  • No chemicals, harmful preservatives or other skin irritants
  • Light weight yet offers great coverage, as well as being water resistant
  • Not tested on animals
  • See and feel the difference of natural beauty

2 gram jar

Our Bronzer is made with pure minerals from the earth and has shimmer to it. We do not use chemicals, fragrances or fillers (such as talc or rice). Numerous skin specialists recommend mineral cosmetics because it is free of additives that can trigger skin irritation and allows your skin to breathe.

Directions: Demure Face & Body Bronzer is a shimmery mineral blend that can be used to create a sun-kissed sheen or to contour your face.

Start by tapping a small amount of bronzer into the lid. It does not take much and it is always better to use too little than too much. You can always apply another layer if you want more coverage.

Swirl your brush in the lid, working the minerals into your brush. Then turn your brush upside down (bristles facing upwards) and tap the end lightly on your countertop. This helps to settle the minerals into the brush. You should see very little of the minerals on the tips of the brush.

Use a light touch of bronzer on the outer edges of your forehead, below the cheekbone and along the sides of your nose before you put on your foundation and finishing powder.

To soften the look, use a clean brush and blend the bronzer in a light, circular motion to blur it.


Micas, Sericite. No preservatives, no talc or rice; no fillers. Cruelty free product.