Why Choose Loose Minerals?

Sometimes a customer will ask us, “Why does Demure use loose minerals rather than pressed powder?” Valid question considering that many in the beauty industry manufacture pressed powder. We know you’ve been dying to know, so here’s why!

Feel good formula

We stand 100% behind all of our formulas. With that being said, we strive to give the best! We know that regular makeup can sometimes be heavy and can end up clogging pores…resulting in some less-than-pleasant skin issues. Pressed powders need a binding oil to stick it together and they typically contain fillers, chemicals and preservatives. With that in mind, our loose minerals are formulated without any bad-for-you ingredients like talc, mineral oil or synthetic chemicals.

Wait, why is that bad?

You’re probably asking why some of those ingredients maybe are not the best for your skin. Well, let’s look at the two main bad-for-you ingredients we stay away from: talc and mineral oil.


Talc itself is not the main problem. The main problem is its friend… asbestos. Talc and asbestos are minerals that form together and sometimes don’t like to separate. That means that there could be traces of asbestos in beauty products that use talc as an ingredient. The problem is that asbestos have been linked to lung cancer and mesothelioma. Read more about talc and asbestos here: https://www.asbestos.com/products/makeup/#:~:text=Talc%20and%20asbestos%20are%20minerals,products%20and%20acts%20as%20filler.

Mineral Oil

This ingredient is an interesting one. So, here’s the deal with mineral oil. Mineral oil is a type of petrochemical that’s derived from petroleum. When used in a cosmetic product, it creates a barrier on the skin’s surface to help keep in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated.

So why don’t we use it in our products if it’s not “harmful”? Well, just like it keeps moisture in, it also keeps in other chemicals that could be harmful for the skin. It can also clog your pores so it can’t breathe resulting in break outs! No one wants that so we like to be on the safe side and steer clear! Want to read more? https://drwhitneybowe.com/mineral-oil-safe-or-scary/

You can feel good about using our products

We try to keep it simple, just 100% pure, loose minerals with no additives. As someone who has suffered with acne my whole life, I can definitely say that loose mineral powders are where it’s at! Amazing coverage and a light formula you can feel good about using? I say that’s a pretty good reason to use loose powder makeup! We hope you love our mineral makeup as much as we do.

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