Well Deserved Quality Time

Quality time is something so precious and wonderful and we want more of it - not just around Valentine’s Day. There is something special and wonderful about Valentine’s Day - for obvious reasons. Let’s go a bit more into this!

Reflecting on personal relationships and experiences and talking to friends - it’s the quality time that Valentine’s Day can give us and hopefully is giving us not just around Valentine’s Day - that makes this day so desirable.

When it comes to speaking your partner's love language, it's important that you do things that will make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Spending quality time with your favorite human is quite certainly a good way to ensure your relationship stays healthy, strong and uplifting. This means going above and beyond sitting together while you watch YouTube or Netflix or “just” going out for the occasional dinner. 

When it comes to quality time, it is not so much about the amount of time you spend together but instead the quality of your interactions that count - hence the words Quality Time. And with so much going on in our lives, carving out a few minutes for a meaningful and uninterrupted conversation can be a wonderful way to show the person you love that you care. Quality time is any time that you and your partner spend together that makes you feel closer, more connected, and more in love than you were prior to that moment. Certainly something to strive for, don’t you agree?!

Here are some ideas on how to spend more quality time together.

Being able to spend quality time together is important for a deep connection and a happy marriage, because it gives us a real chance to actually talk and share deep thoughts, emotions and feelings. Whether we go for a long walk or a quick coffee, the key factor is that we have the opportunity to communicate well with each other. Now, that doesn’t mean that we must always have ‘deep’ conversations whenever we have quality time, but it certainly means you should try to make your quality time count. Simply having and taking time out to ask each other about their day, or to find out their opinion on something, can make all the difference to the quality of our relationship. 

Deluvia is located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida, so a walk on the beach is one of the top quality time activities on our list - and hands down, our staff agree. Psssst: when you see beautiful Clearwater Beach - especially at sunset - you’ll understand why!

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Ladies and gents - enjoy your quality time together and make it count. 


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