Wash your face

It may seem like one of the easiest things to do and something that you really can’t mess up. Well, you’d be surprised! There are so many mistakes that you can make while washing your face. The temperature of the water, how long you wash for, how often, etc. These can all be factors that could be affecting your skin!

Temperature of the water

You might think that the hotter the water, the better. Hot water is supposed to open up your pores, right? Actually, pores cannot actually open and close like that. Go figure. The best water to use is luke-warm water. Water that is too hot can actually be damaging to the skin. It’s also a good idea to splash your face with cool water at the end of cleansing to tone down any redness or puffiness from cleansing you skin.

How long you should wash your face for

You will get a hint as you keep reading that a lot of these points were surprising to me. I wasn’t washing my face long enough in some places and over-washing in others. I spent a lot of time scrubbing my cheeks when I washed my face. That resulted in my cheeks being irritated and the rest of my face not being washed properly. The appropriate time to wash your face is about 20 to 30 seconds, addressing each area of your face (cheeks, shin, forehead, etc.). This ensures that you get all the dirt and oils off of your face while not irritating your skin.

How often you should wash your face:

This really depends on your skin and what your needs are. If you have oily skin, it’s best to use a gentle face wash in the mornings and at night. This is optimal for people who over produce oils and want to get a fresh start to your day. Make sure to always follow up with a moisturizer though!

If you have skin that’s more on the dry side, like you may be better off just splashing your face with some cool water in the mornings and save the washing to night-time. This ensures that you don’t over-strip your skin.


There are so many myths when it comes to skin care, and it can be overwhelming. Long story short, make sure you don’t over-wash your face, and gently enough to cleanse but not irritate your delicate facial skin. Remember, your skin care routine should make your skin feel beautiful!

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