Summertime Fun

Summer is here and we are still working on getting back to our daily life patterns, but that doesn’t have to exclude our summertime fun!

What to do?

Here are some neat ideas from around our office (being mindful of following protocols):
~ Do a Book-A-Thon to read with your kids, family and friends
~ Cater a Board Game party
~ Learn a new hairdo -  braids or beach waves
~ Throw a Netflix Movie Night with popcorn, soda and yummy nachos - there are amazing healthy snack options as well - give them a try!
~ Search for children/adult coloring books or puzzles that you can print online and then get busy
~ Check Pinterest for a baking/cooking project for you and the kids - bake something delicious
~ Indoor/outdoor gardening
~ A fun exercise or dance video for you and the kids
~Take a virtual museum tour or attend a virtual concert

 But our top idea is this:

Bring the Beach Party to your backyard, balcony or living room!!

But how you ask?

Pack up a picnic basket, turn on the sprinkler or hose, make some water balloons and have some fun. Grab our Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray and Bronzing Lotion to bring that Beach Glow to your backyard!! 

Don’t forget some refreshing, cool drinks to keep everyone hydrated and remember this quote: “Eat your water!”

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