Summer Purple Hues
Purple Hues for spring and summer? We say: Yes!

Try some of our beautiful violet and purple mineral makeup shades and see your eyes poppin’. Give it a try! Purple eye makeup is about to have a serious moment ladies! ♥

Celebrities like Dua Lipa at this year’s Grammy Awards1 shown us that purple eyeshadow is not just for the red carpet. It’s actually a really flattering shade on pretty much every skin tone.

Lighter skin tones look great in shades like pale lilac and pinky purples - while darker skin tones will look beautiful with pretty much all purple tones. Bold, shimmering or duo chrome colors are great for the evening, but soft purple and purple-pink eyeshadows works well when you want to create a modern take on that famous smoky eye. Or if you want to go a bit more minimalistic rather than full on glam, try a purple eyeliner rather than a shadow.

Our eye pencil in “Violet” is perfect for that extra shade of purple. Our formulation of high-quality ingredients provide a smooth application. All our eyeliner shades can be blended for a natural outline or emphasized with a heavier application for a dramatic effect. Stunning.

Don't get us wrong - a brown smoky eye will always reign supreme when it comes to that go-to classic look, but there's more - many more - hues worth exploring. Of course, once you get used to the shade, you can experiment and get more adventurous with darker and more dramatic shades or even add a hint of glitter for a bolder look. Satin, matte and shimmery shades can be layered or worn alone to create your ultimate purple eye look. Check out our eyeshadows like, Lavender Ice, Eggplant, Plum, Lilac, Purple Crush and Violet…dreamy shades!

Happy Summer, ladies!

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