Summer Hair
Summer hair all year long? You asked and we answered.

If you’re seriously craving some beach-side or yacht vacay vibes, listen up. Summer hair that reminds us of fun days in the sun with friends and lots of laughter -- isn’t that what we are really looking for? That amazing smell of sand, sea and coconuts is certainly a favorite smell to so many people, including us. It has been said that beach waves are the off-duty equivalent to the “no-makeup” makeup days.

You have been asking: “How to keep those summer waves all year round?” Well, the secret is our Beach Hair Salt Spray.

Delúvia Beach Hair Salt Spray gives your hair a wavy, textured look, almost like you just came from a day at the beach, literally. This special formula gives body and definition to your hair while adding some hair-healthy moisture and vitamins, with a soft, matte finish.

And here is how it all goes: Shake our hair spray bottle well before using to blend all the wonderful ingredients together. Then apply spray from the roots of your hair to the ends, spraying it evenly onto your hair. Continue by scrunching sections of your hair with your hands to create texture and movement, for a casually messy look. Let your hair air dry or blow dry on lowest setting. It’s really that easy. Yes, beautiful summer hair with soft body and texture without being greasy. One of the best things is that you can apply this spray to damp or dry hair.

And for that little extra Ahhh moment: Our Beach Hair Salt Spray smells amazingly good -- like coconut and vanilla…. Just like the perfect vacation!

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