Skin 101

The skincare industry had exploded in the past 5 years and there always seems to be a new product you can add into your skin routine. Often times, we forget the basic things that are the backbone of any great routine. So, while you should certainly add products that help with your specific needs, you should always make sure you have these in place first.


If you do not wash your face, there is no point in even having a skincare routine. Cleansing the face should be the one thing that you do not miss! Your skin produces oils and sweat and is exposed to dirt every day. You have to clean that out at the end of the day to avoid breakouts and other skin issues.

If you wear makeup, you especially need to cleanse your skin. In fact, if you wear makeup, you should really be using the double cleansing system. You should be removing your makeup with a makeup wipe or micellar water and then going in with a cleanser.


After that beautiful cleanse, you need to moisturize! Cleansing can be stripping (stripping the skin of natural oils and such). That means that we have to put moisture back in and we do that with a rich moisturizer! This lets your skin relax and it won’t feel the need to over-produce oils that you just removed. When the skin over-produces oils, it can lead to black heads, white heads, and skin irritations caused by oil becoming trapped in your pores. So please moisturize!


Your skin gets exposed to many stressors on a daily basis, including UV rays. UV rays are one of the many factors responsible for creating fines lines in our skin. By using sunscreen every day (even on days that you don’t leave your house), you will be protecting your skin and fighting off some fine lines!

These three simple steps are your Basic Skin 101 steps!

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