Perfecting your skin care routine

We all know 2020 was a bit of a rough year. There was so much happening, and we learned that we need to start putting our health and well being first; taking care of ourselves. Whether that is through learning a new hobby, making time to cook your favorite meals, getting into shape, or something as simple as making sure you’re drinking enough water and sleeping well each night; we all realized that it was time to start prioritizing ourselves.

With that being said, one major thing I did this year to start taking better care of myself was to get my skincare routine in check! I spend hours online trying to find our exactly how to structure my skincare for the best results. So if you’re looking for those same answers, let me save you some time!

Step 1: Remove Makeup

If you wear makeup, the first thing you should do is remove it. I personally like to use Micellar water on a cotton pad but there are many other options like cleansing balms for example. I find that using a double cleansing system helps me ensure that my cleanser can actually get into my skin and clean it properly. If you want more info on why a double cleansing system is beneficial for people who wear makeup, read here!,or%20exfoliate%20and%20treat%20acne.

Step 2: Cleanser

This is one of the most important steps of your skincare routine. This is where you get rid of the dirt and oil that your skin accumulates during the day. The type of cleanser you need really depends on the type of skin that you have. Deluvia Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser is perfect for a lot of different skin types, especially sensitive, oily, or acne prone. It is made with Aloe Vera and Dead Sea salts which contain over 20 life-essential minerals. To read more about the benefits that Dead Sea minerals can have on the skin, read here,against%20dehydration%20and%20environmental%20hazards.

Step 3: Toner

Toner is a step that a lot of people tend to skip or forget. Again, picking the right one is all about what your skin care needs are. Deluvia Dead Sea Clarifying Toner is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin or prone to breakouts. It’s free of alcohol and enriched with Aloe Vera so it isn’t irritating or drying.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Your next step is eye cream. And I know some of you may be thinking that you don’t need it. Eye cream is not just about wrinkles! Remember, skincare is about feeling good, not just looking good! Eye cream can do more than help with the natural signs of a long life.

Many people like a nice, creamy eye product for this step, and Deluvia Hydrating Eye Cream from the Dead Sea line is absolutely amazing! I also enjoy a nice eye gel like the Awakening Eye Gel from the Deluvia Hydraskin System. I like that it feels cooler and really helps with those beautiful puffy eyes I wake up to in the morning!

Step 5: Serum

This is where you apply a targeted product to fit your skins needs. I have acne so this is where I would apply a spot treatment. If you’re looking for a boost of hydration, this is the perfect time for a serum such as Deluvia HydraSkin Facial Serum, made with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to draw moisture to the skin. Or maybe you want a little glow! You could apply Deluvia Hydrate and Glow Facial Oil made with essential oils during this step!

Step 6: Final Step… Moisturize!

I cannot STRESS this enough. Please moisturize your skin! If you decide that you want to make your skin routine simple, cleanse and moisturize! But you should always moisturize. This is the final step to seal in all your products and give your skin that last calming step.

All skin types need this last step. Yes, even if you have oily skin. That was me… thinking that moisturizing my skin was only going to make it even oilier. I couldn’t have been more wrong! By striping the skin of all its oil, it’s only going to make it produce more! So while you should maybe use a lighter moisturizer, you should still always moisturize!

I like to use Miracle Aloe Cream by Deluvia as my moisturizer. I’ve noticed that after using it, my skin feels nicely hydrated but not greasy and heavy.

Make sure to take care of your skin and establish a daily routine that works for you!

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