National Compliment Day

Want to brighten someone’s day? National Compliment Day is on January 24th and we are absolutely joining this motion and will give credit for a job well done by our co-workers, pay a compliment for someone’s effort to stand by us and show us love and support or saying, "Thank you so much!" to the ever-smiling UPS driver that comes by most days here at the office - give him a huge smile back and say, “Thank you for all you do, stay safe!”

A compliment has such a powerful effect on us - don’t you agree?!

A compliment can go as far as instilling confidence or giving someone hope that it will all work out due to the fact that one is simply just oneself. A compliment not only improves the receiver’s mood, but it also says something about the giver. It takes nothing away from you but can give so endlessly much to someone else.

When giving a great compliment, be sincere. People have a way of knowing when we are fake. If you don’t mean it, it’s worse than getting a thoughtless birthday gift.

Human beings like to be unique, original, special. Strive to give a compliment about what makes a person stand out above the rest. Take the time to reflect on what you admire about the person and say it. It can do wonders. And even if it doesn’t, count on me… it feels so good to just feel appreciated. 

While complimenting people is a natural human activity, we sometimes forget how essential it is to make others around us feel happy and positive. Give compliments and be kind - and not just on January 24th - pay a compliment to someone in your life each and every day.

But remember: First of all, you give it—freely and without the expectation of anything in return

Last but certainly not least, we find it so important to remember that some of the best compliments one can receive have nothing to do with a person’s appearance. Pay a compliment to someone’s abilities, to someone’s strength they show, for someone’s calmness in a hectic situation - we say ability and character! For example, you might say “It was very brave of you to speak your mind on that topic. Were you nervous?” or, “It must have taken a lot of courage to go on that trip. What was the highlight for you?” Or, “it is so wonderful to watch you deliver this presentation with such ease and insight, so, thank you!”

Pay a compliment and see what happens. You’ll smile too :)

All this and more here: Compliments Make Us Feel Good

We want to leave you with this: “Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog and be part of the Deluvia family. We appreciate you!”


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