Makeup Basics

The world of makeup is infinite and so are the different products you can purchase. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this list of makeup basics that you should have and why!

  1. Foundation

Obviously, the first thing we would have on this list would be foundation. It is the, excuse the pun, foundation of any makeup look. Foundation is used to give your skin an even tone and basically give you a blank canvas to work with. It helps cover up any “imperfections” and give your skin a nice smooth look. Foundation is where you start so naturally, it had to be on this list.

  1. Blush

If you read our blog post on how to do a 5-minute makeup routine (click here), then you know foundation alone can make you face look a little two dimensional. Your skin naturally has color to it, so when you even out your skin tone with foundation, that’s where your blush comes in. Blush will help give you some depth!

  1. Light Brown and Medium Brown Eyeshadow

You may have millions of colors to choose from but if you want to keep to a minimum, stay with these two, basic and classic colors. Brown goes with all eye colors, so these are safe choices when it comes to basics. Plus, brown can also double as contour, something to fill your eyebrows in, eyeliner, etc.

  1. Mascara

A good mascara is a staple. Sometimes you don’t even need any of the other items! You just need to apply mascara to your eyelashes and call it a day! You will still look put together and ready to take on your day. A good mascara is a must. Spend a little extra cash on this product, you’ll thank us later!

  1. A Lipstick or Lip Gloss

The last thing you will want is a lip color that will make you feel like the confident person you are! Whether it is a lipstick or a lip gloss, or even a matte lip, chose a color that will have you feeling beautiful and ready to take on what the day throws at you.

When it comes to makeup, you really don’t need much to feel like you’ve added something to enhance the natural beauty that you already have. The extras are fun and they obviously serve an important purpose but if you are getting started, or on a tight schedule, these basics are a perfect place to begin! Enjoy!

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