Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has quickly been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. Many people wonder if it is the right choice for them. To understand if you are a great candidate for mineral makeup, you must understand what it is, what it is made of, and its benefits. Many companies, such as Deluvia, sell mineral makeup so it is important to fully understand what it is and how it works to determine if it is an investment worth making for you. 

Put simply, mineral makeup is a makeup such as foundation that is made of materials extracted directly from the earth. The name “mineral” does not come out of nowhere. The main content included in this makeup are minerals such as zinc oxides that are ground down into smaller particles that can be used on the skin. Due to the natural contents, this makeup is generally a great option for many people, especially those with sensitive skin. 

Mineral makeup is a purer version of normal makeup. Other makeup products do contain minerals, however there are other ingredients as well. Preservatives and fillers that are included in makeup may cause skin irritation or breakouts. Mineral makeup is very pure and natural. That means that it is a great skincare alternative to these other brands and types of makeup. The natural ingredients included in this makeup are typically iron oxides that are meant to match skin color, zinc that helps with skin protection, mica powder for a glowing look, and titanium dioxide for a natural pigment.

Unlike other forms of makeup, mineral makeup has a lot of benefits that may surprise you. Beyond happier and healthier skin, the lack of additional fragrances and dyes end up keeping the skin purer, moisturized, and less prone to irritation. In addition to this, mineral makeup is more versatile and adaptable. Your makeup can be mixed to create new colors that are more diverse than other brands. 

Deluvia offers a variety of mineral makeup including over 55 eye color choices. This makeup ranges in colors from shimmering white to a more natural skin tone or bright purples and blues. Their loose minerals are made with 100% pure minerals that can be mixed to create new custom colors. There are no chemicals or harsh preservatives making it safe and comfortable for all skin types. 

Investing in mineral makeup is a must. Not only is it better for your skin, but it can be customized to create new colors or match skin tones. Its natural touch gives the skin shimmer and shine without creating imperfections making it worthwhile. 



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