Manuka Bush Nectar

Manuka honey contains special properties because it’s made from the nectar of the Manuka Bush. This bush is a unique plant treasured by the people native to New Zealand and helps produce the Manuka honey known for helping lock in moisture to the skin and even thought to have remarkable healing elements.

You’ve probably been reading a lot about Manuka Honey and looking for what makes it unique and special. You’ve heard it’s world renowned for its unique properties, but perhaps you still wonder how it gets them? Well, some of the secrets lie in the nectar.

First, let’s take a look back. In the lush forests of New Zealand grow plants we call Manuka Bushes. It is said that the indigenous people in the area, the Maori, used this plant extensively. They took elements from the plant to create balms that would moisturize their skin, they also used these balms to put on wounds. It is even said they would take elements from the plant and boil it to help stomach problems.

It is said that this plant has healing aspects including anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Deluvia cannot fully confirm the story, though fascinating. You can read more about it here.

Manuka Honey Nectar

So you can see that there is something special about the Manuka Bush, and those components are transferred to the honey largely through the nectar.

During December and part of January the Manuka Bush blooms flowers reminiscent of small, white, cherry blossoms across the mountainside. It can be a beautiful sight. Bee hives are placed in areas with a high concentration of these plants just before the blooming begins so they are ready to forage as the nectar becomes available. 

Bees bounce from flower-to-flower seeping in the plant’s nectar. And seeping in many of its special properties.

Nectar in the Hive

They then carry that nectar back to their hive, mixing it with their own enzymes and place it in large walls of honeycomb. The nectar is composed largely of water and the bees flap their wings over the honeycomb cells (combined with the warm temperatures inside the hive) to evaporate the moisture and change it to honey.

The bees then seal the tiny capsules with wax to keep the moisture from reabsorbing. 

This process produces a thick, rich Manuka honey, unique in nature to other honey around the world.

Deluvia Manuka Honey Cream

Our Manuka Honey Cream contains premium-grade Active Manuka Honey and is also enriched with essential herbs and premium Aloe Vera. 

Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

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