Hair Tip: Healthy Summer Hair!

We all know the struggle of the summer frizz! With all the humidity that comes with warm summers, it’s possible that your hair just won’t stay put. It may be overly dry from the summer heat, which certainly doesn’t help with the frizz.

You probably left the house looking great, unfortunately that look can’t last all day. Luckily for you, we have some tips and tricks on keeping your hair healthy and happy even when it seems impossible.

Here are a couple of key things to note. They will help to keep your hair looking and feeling great, as well as making it healthier overall.

1. Washing your hair more frequently with the right products can be key. If you have oily hair, this is a great way to avoid the buildup of dirt that accumulates throughout the day causing more oil. Especially in the summer, it is more likely your hair will become oily from the heat and the humidity. However, frequently washing your hair manages the inevitable oil buildup.

2. Focus on the scalp instead of the length of your hair. This may not seem like a great solution, but the buildup of dirt resides on the scalp. Spending just a couple of extra minutes scrubbing the scalp can help enhance the overall look of your hair. Since this is where the oil is produced, keeping it clean is key. In fact, keeping your scalp happy is a great way to keep all your hair healthy and happy.

3. Protecting your hair while swimming is key especially in the summer. Chlorine and other chemicals used to keep pools sanitary and clean can cause major damage to your hair. Not only will it dry out and become frizzy, but it can damage the hair color you may be using, which is never ideal.

4. Condition, Condition Condition! We know what you’re thinking, why condition if I want to avoid excess oils that may build up during the day? When done correctly with great products, conditioning is a great way to strengthen the hair and make it look awesome as well. It can also help you avoid the frizzy look that sometimes comes with the humid weather.

While all these tips and tricks are great at keeping your hair clean, healthy, and strong, you may be wondering if there are any products that are worth investing in for healthy and happy summer hair. Well, there is one that we absolutely love. The Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray is our number one go to for soft, textured hair! 

Not only is this spray super easy and convenient to use, but it gives your hair that summer look. Formulated with quality ingredients, this sea spray gives your hair a wavy and beachy texture that makes you look like you just came from the beach. With this product and these great tips, your hair is sure to be happy and healthy this summer. 



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