Glossy Lips

Elated mood here at Deluvia to see that the glossy lips or high-shine pout found its way back to the runway and to the supermodel influencer world. Watching the new Spring/Summer makeup trends help us get through the winter blues and we are definitely excited for springtime. Hooray, lip gloss is back in our daily makeup kit again and truthfully lip gloss never really left our most-used beauty item list!

As our customers share, there are some favorites amongst our lip gloss collection. 

There's nothing that can elevate a look as easily and as quick as a glossy, shiny lip. Some recent fashion shows that we follow, made us take notes. Here is our take on the new glossy lips rules: super shine lips, with liner or liner-free, sometimes worn with a minimalist base or simply over some more dramatic color - as long as it is glossy it’s a yes!

Get glossin’ and create radiant lips with our Demure Mineral Hydrating Lip Gloss shades. A wide selection of colors, our Lip Gloss gives that ultra-shiny wet look, while adding moisture and shimmer to your lips.

Our Lip Glosses have been designed with a brush tip applicator – perfect for adding a coat of gloss over your favorite lipstick or for wearing by itself. Use the Oh So Clear Lip Gloss over any of our Matte Liquid Lipsticks or our classic Lipsticks for some pop. Make your look playful and fun!

You can add some extra bling with our White Diamond Lip Gloss that’s so perfect on top of your favorite color to add some sparkly gloss or wear it as a nude glitter! 

Swiping on a lip gloss is an easy way to instantly glow up your entire face. We feel that a glossy lip looks fuller and can helping create that illusion of a more pillowy pout. Sexy, summery lips are always in :)

Unquestionably this is a simple trend that doesn’t require much and is just perfect for that quick get-ready-in-the-morning kind of day. 

As Serena Van Der Woodsen from the cult-show “Gossip Girl” once famously said, "Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun." 

Get that pout on, ladies and stay classy!


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