Gentle Soap for Healthy Skin

Finding a good soap is not an easy task, trust us! Luckily, if you suffer from irritable skin, there is a soap out there for you. Typically, we will suggest opting for a soap that not only softens the skin but offers a nice gentle scent and moisturizing properties as well. Finding the right soap for you should never be a struggle. We are here to guide you on a journey to happier and healthier skin just by making a better choice in soaps!

While we mentioned a couple important properties, we will go through the best soap bars in depth. We will include what you should be looking for, and how important each feature is when deciding on the best soap bar. Included in this list is a great scent, organic ingredients, and gentle ingredients that are great for the skin.

When considering purchasing a soap bar, choosing a scent is a tough choice. There are plenty of brands on the market that offer a variety of scents. We offer Deluvia soap bars in scents ranging from thyme & rosemary, fresh apricot, shea honey oat, lavender love, sage & mint, and even an unscented bar. This gives you many options to choose from, all of which smell great!

The second thing you should consider is the ingredients included in each soap. One of the great things about a soap bar is that many of them are made up of organic and healthy ingredients. Many of the Deluvia soap bars are infused with natural roots, flowers, and essential oils. Beyond being great for the skin and smelling amazing, these essential oils often have other beneficial properties as well. One of these that is very prominent is the stress relief factors. Essential oils give off light scents that help relax the mind and melt away the stress you may be feeling from the day.

Considering ingredients, it is important to think about soap that is gentle on the skin. Your soap bar should leave you feeling clean and fresh without causing any dryness or irritation. Deluvia offers organic soap bars that help freshen and cleanse the skin while leaving you feeling refreshed and new after each use.

Since there are three important factors to consider when purchasing a soap bar, it is good to know which are important. The most important feature would be the gentleness on the skin. You will want a gentle soap to limit skin irritations and promote cleanliness. The second most important aspect is the included ingredients. This will assure you that the product you are getting is high quality and will do the job. Finally, it is important to consider the scent. While this is more of a fun aspect of choosing a soap, some scents can certainly increase your likelihood of purchasing one soap over another.

It can be challenging to find a soap. We’ve got your back. 

XO, Deluvia

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