Setting Powders

Finishing or Setting Powder?

Finishing powder and setting powder are two products that can be easily confused. They are both powders that seem like they do the same thing. That couldn’t be more wrong. They are each their own product and believe it or not, serve their own purpose. So let’s take a closer look at both.

Finishing Powder
By the name of it, I’m guessing that you can figure out when you would apply this product. Yup, at the end of your makeup routine. Finishing powder is applied to give you that airbrushed look. It is used to blur lines and reduce the appearance of pores. Finishing powder can also be used to blend in some other products that you might have gone a little overboard with (such as blush, highlighter, etc.). So, in essence, finishing powder gives you that finishing touch to tie your whole look together!

Setting Powder
Setting powder does exactly what the name says. It is typically used to set in your makeup and make it last longer. Typically, you use setting powder to help set any liquid makeup like foundation or concealer. This powder helps your makeup last longer and help it not transfer to your hands, clothes, phone, etc.

Why They Are Not the Same
Now that you have a better understanding of the two, it’s easy to see how these products are not quite the same. Finishing powder can be used with any and all makeup. It can even be used by on its own if you want a very natural, airbrushed look with a very light touch. Setting powder is often used if you are using liquid products and set your makeup in place.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to pick between the two products if you use Demure mineral product line. These loose mineral formulations last all day and there is no need for a setting powder. You can blur your look with the finishing powder to complete your makeup and make it last. It’s a win win!

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