Easy hair styles we love

Don’t you sometimes feel that hair and makeup need to be done in a matter of minutes to save time for everything else, like getting ready for this year’s Holiday hustle and bustle?

We know just how important it is to stay within a quick timeline, which is why we want to share some unbelievably easy hairstyles with you. Hairstyles to get you through that morning rush or that super quick getting-ready-for-dinner with ease.

Our favorite celebrity-inspired quick hair style, for medium or long hair, is the low bun. Low buns are totally low maintenance, and when paired with soft waves, it takes this look to the next level. Here goes: Part your hair down the middle and leave face-framing strands down in the front, pulling the rest back into a low bun, or a bun just above the nape of your neck, both styles look just gorgeous. Add a bit of texturizing spray and softly scrunch those face framing strands and out the door you go!

A hair clip is one of the easiest things to accessorize your hair with. Just literally clip it into your hair, and you’re done! Hair clips come in so many different shapes and sizes, pearls, gold metal or glitter, there’s definitely bound to be a design that suits your personality. Just add a clip to pull your bangs to the side or to frame your face. Simply comb your hair neatly adding a pearly clip on each side of your face and you are done - so pretty.

You can also create a wavy hairstyle with hair clips to spice up your everyday look. Just curl your hair outwards from your face using a curling iron to make big curls, softly comb them out, add cute hair clips, et voilà.

Want some more tips for looks to get you out the door faster? Then watch this awesome tutorial for “5 ways to wear pearl hair clips.”

Oh, and yes, don’t forget the simple sexy beach wave hairstyle that is so easily created with our Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray. There's beauty in the versatility of tousled, undone, messy waves. Simply spray from your roots to the ends on damp or dry hair, then scrunch sections of your hair to create texture and movement, for a casually messy look. Let air dry or blow dry on lowest setting. So easy!

And lastly, a cute and easy tutorial style blog post we loved reading was this one from sayathomemum.com.

We hope these tips help a little and you have time to do what matters most to you!

Stay beautiful, lovelies!


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