Define Your Eyes
It's really no secret that eyeliner is one of the most widely used products in everyone's makeup bag. You can find this famous pencil on almost every girl’s vanity table. For thousands of years, women have used the cone-shaped, super-rich pigment to define their eyes. Yet again, the modern makeup artist refined techniques to create unique eye makeup looks using colorful eyeliner pencils for even more stunning ways to get you from day to night with beautiful looks.

Certainly, we here at Deluvia are massive fans of the most recent Runway show makeup looks that show that beautiful eye makeup styles. Read up on dreamy looks that inspire not only us:

Our mineral eyeliner is formulated with high quality ingredients that provide a smooth, creamy application. The smooth texture of the pencil glides on easily, making it the perfect product to blend with your finger or brush, should you need to smudge it up a bit, and you won't need to tug at the skin around the delicate eye area to blend it. All our eyeliner shades may be blended for a natural outline or emphasized with a heavier application for a dramatic effect.

Provide definition to enhance your eyes. Formulated with selected ingredients and no fragrance, so ideal for sensitive eyes. Choose from shades black, brown, blue, gray, turquoise and purple for your makeup looks.

Apply sparingly around the lashes and waterline for a quick and soft, natural daytime look or to “bump up the volume” to bring your eye makeup from day to night, draw the eyeliner pencil across your eyelids several times and use your fingers tips to blend.

Check out this tutorial that has over 1.6 Million views:

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