Beauty Essentials we always carry with us

Most women have developed a beauty routine and instinctively know which products to always carry with them. Making sure we are fully prepared for whatever comes our way, it seems we have these beauty products in our purses at all times. We asked our community and here are the beauty essentials that are a staple in everyone’s beauty bag.

Whether you are already working with a 5-step skincare routine or like to keep your regimen short and sweet, you really need a great facial moisturizer. Moisturizer not only boosts your skin's hydration for a smooth and supple skin surface, but it can help protect your skin by acting as a barrier between you and the elements. Reapplying moisturizer throughout the day was a top on our communities’ answers.

Lip Balm 
Keep your lips soft and hydrated on the go. Give your lips that extra bit of love and care by making sure they are hydrated throughout the day. Now that the weather is getting colder we need to protect our lips from the elements even more. So yes, a lip balm or lip gloss is in everyone’s bag.

You never know when you’re going to need to spruce up your look a bit. Maybe you suddenly have to attend a business zoom call, need to hustle to a last-minute date after work, or you simply want to make a bold first impression on whoever comes your way. We all know, lipstick has transformative abilities. As such, it’s not a surprise to hear that a flattering lipstick is in everyone’s bag. Have you checked out our lovely range of lipstick shades yet? You can see them here.

Brow Pencil
If we need a three-second pick-me-up, a swipe with a well applied brow pencil is just the answer. We believe that most experts will say that pencils are the most essential brow product to have on hand. Our community strongly agrees that an eyebrow pencil is essential because it can define your brows so easily. 

Eyeliner can add the little extra something needed to really make your eyes pack a punch. Blue, purple, brown or black, whatever floats your boat really…we never seem to leave the house without a great eyeliner in our bag.

There are countless ways to apply eyeliner, but our favorite way is to very simply draw a thin line at the lash line and wing it out just a touch beyond the eye to make them appear more defined.

Lastly, a good and reliable makeup bag is what will keep your essentials handy at all times. We searched around a bit and found these cute makeup bags, reviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine that really seem to tick all the boxes. You agree?

Stay beautiful, lovelies!

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