Beach Hairstyle Ideas

Going to the beach this summer? Well, if you are then we have just the right hairstyles for you. If you aren’t, we’ve still got your back. One of the trendiest looks of the past couple years make you look like you walked right out of the ocean and onto the beach to tan. But how can you get your hair to look that good without visiting the beach? If you have been wondering this and are looking for a great new hairstyle to try for the rest of this summer, we’ve got you. 

Each of the following trendy beach inspired hairstyles should also be paired with some sort of sea salt spray. Consider Deluvia Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray to get your hair looking trendy in any hairstyle. Keep reading to discover the trendiest beach hairstyles for this summer!

  • Fishtail Braid
  • Braiding your hair is super simple and quick. In fact, you will often find people braid their hair to keep it from getting knotty while keeping it out of their face. If you have long hair, consider putting it into a long fishtail braid. Not only is this style gorgeous, but it will keep your hair from getting tangled and give you a beachy look. To top this look off, consider a bit of sea salt spray to give it some volume and a great look.

  • Bantu Knots
  • If you are looking for a protective hairstyle, this is it. This is super simple and can be done in a time crunch. Just twist pieces of hair into small tight buns around your head. Luckily, you can do as many or as few as you want depending on the length of your hair and how much time you have. This is a super practical look and is totally cute for a long day at the beach.

  • Silky Scarf
  • This is a common look that has been growing in popularity over the years. Not only is this super simple and convenient, but it also offers a cute accessory to any outfit. Often, people throw their hair back gently using a silky scarf. This keeps the hair out of your face while adding a bit of color and style to your look. 


  • Hair Clips
  • Do you love hair accessories? Well, we have another one for you. If you have super thick or heavy hair, you may opt for some cute beachy hair clips to style your hair. Whether they look like dolphins, starfish, or waves, a cute beachy hair clip keeps the hair off your face while giving your hair some volume. In fact, a bit of sea salt spray adds to the look and makes your hair look lighter as well!

    These four looks are ideal when it comes to a simple beachy look that you can wear at the beach or off the beach. Not only that, but they are super convenient to style. Consider these and some sea salt hair spray next time you are looking for a great summer hairstyle!



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